who we are


Who We Are

We are a motion picture finance, production, distribution and film marketing company based in Austin, Texas.


Our mission is to change culture through technology and entertainment. Our goal is to produce and distribute socially-responsible motion pictures that will entertain, educate, inspire, surprise and encourage the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story-telling.
Our films are produced to touch the soul, break new ground, educate, entertain and motivate the fan to take action to make the world a better place.


OnBuzz was formed in January 2010 to produce, market and distribute high quality, inspirational, honest, thought-provoking and profitable theatrical motion pictures to be experienced by a wide variety of audiences who value socially-responsible thematic films and messaging.

Our goal is to produce inspirational and thought-provoking feature films with mainstream appeal using data-driven marketing backed by the world’s most powerful agencies and a disciplined process model. We finance, produce, market and distribute feature films with limited and controlled budgets. We invest in films principally produced by award-winning directors and producers with returns through financing, film tax incentives and our integrated marketing services team.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our digital media campaigns will include RSS feeds, blogs, buzz marketing through OnBuzz, viral marketing, micro-sites, Search Engine Optimization, crowd casting and peer-to-peer. We can identify and engage the precise individuals who will both promote and buy tickets to our slate of films.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations team will utilize press releases, strategically secure “Talent, Director, Producer, Actor” interviews across all media platforms including OnBuzz, position stories in print, broadcast, electronic and online media to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of our promotional mix.

Exhibitor Relations

Our exhibitor relations team also plans to aggressively market, advertise and promote the film directly to what the film industry refers to as “Frequent Moviegoers.” Plans include but are not limited to playing movie previews (trailers) months in advance of the film’s theatrical opening, movie posters, standees like you see from major Hollywood Studio releases and other theater lobby materials (POP).


Alan J. Elias, CEO and Co-Founder

Alan is a sought after visionary specializing in development of systems to acquire and engage customers, increase customer loyalty, drive brand advocacy, and achieve greater ROI. Alan has devoted his life to cause marketing with the goal of making the world a better place.
As CEO of Think360, he built affinity marketing programs, CEO channel partner programs and cutting-edge digital marketing and communication technologies for over 1,000 non-profits and 15 Fortune 100 companies. Alan was also an award-winning executive for the American Red Cross, the world’s largest non-profit. He ran the second largest region in the country where he supervised a team of 23 managers, directors and over 500 staff with a budget of $112 million.

Dave Van Gorder, President, Chief Financial Officer And Co-Founder

Dave leads OnBuzz’s database marketing efforts. A veteran database marketer, Dave has led campaigns acquiring more than 5.5 million new customers/donors while generating over $1.2 billion in revenues for a number of commercial and non-profit companies including Feed The Children, Ford Motor Credit and Bank of America. His extensive data marketing background includes serving as president of Integrity Direct, the largest direct-to-consumer music and entertainment marketer in the faith-based market.

Strategic Advisors


Lance is a leading innovator and researcher in the fields of entertainment and family brands. He currently is the director of Global Consumer Insights at Walmart. He offers a unique combination of 9 years of experience researching the entertainment industry and property evaluation and optimization both as a Chief Research Officer and a long-term member of the Alliance for Family Entertainment. He also brings 12 years of consumer and market knowledge experience from Procter and Gamble in brand development and retail market development roles plus 5 years at Ford Motor Credit.


Glyn has been in computer related, high-tech industries for forty-three years. In 1970s Europe, he was involved in various software projects including a posting at the European Space Agency headquarters in West Germany and was one of the early software developers on microprocessor based computers. In the 1980s, he helped design a number of Hospital Information Systems and Pharmacy Systems; formed a company supplying Artificial Intelligence software for Disease Diagnosis; worked on the design of the Michigan State Lottery hardware/ software system; and assisted the US Department of Labor in the production of one of the first government HTML-based services for small companies.
In 1989, Glyn joined Dell as the first CIO. Further positions in Austin since that time have included strategy consulting for Accenture, the VP of Services for Tivoli where he was involved in the IBM purchase of Tivoli. He formed a venture-funded startup in the mid-1990s and was the president and CEO of the World Congress on Information Technology organization.

Our Advantage

Our advantage is two-fold.

First, we can offer filmmakers an innovative financing vehicle that is an extremely attractive alternative to traditional equity financing.

Second, through the use of data-driven audience development, targeted, digital interactive media and cause marketing, mid to small-budget films can compete against blockbuster advertising budgets by focusing on niche markets undervalued by large studios. And deliver an audience at a very competitive ROI.

Our marketing approach is designed for each phase of the film from pre-production through aftermarket release.


Our Values

Our company is values-based, and social responsibility is part of our foundation. We have six core values that continuously guide what we do:

We do the right thing
We respect all individuals
We believe in excellence
We are accountable
We make the world a better place
We create value for our partners

Our socially responsible approach to filmmaking allows us to focus on screenplays that, when transformed into motion pictures, will change the actions and lives of our society. To inspire humanity, our aim is to align our films with social causes such as discrimination or intolerance and the associated non-profits that support these issues.