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Lights! Camera! Social Action!

OnBuzz is dedicated to connecting cause-driven films with churches to amplify and multiply philanthropic storytelling. To achieve this mission OnBuzz is planting patent-pending Interactive Kiosks in hundreds of the largest churches in America. The goal is to provide churches with an innovative social camera technology that will be used for church ministry efforts subsidized by marketing of cause-driven films. Together this symbiotic relationship will ensure that OnBuzz Interactive Kiosks will remain in place for years to come.

While the cloud-based technology is complex, the process is simple and straightforward. Using the Interactive Kiosks’ church attendees take pictures while posing in front of a backdrop. They then seamlessly share photos with a branded photo overlay to their social networks.

Branded entertainment is the single biggest messaging shift of the 21st century converging Madison Avenue with Hollywood. OnBuzz takes this to a new level by fusing advertising, entertainment and social networking to create “Social Advertainment”.

OnBuzz’ goal is to plant hundreds of Interactive Kiosks nationwide in the top 50 media markets and is well on its way.

OnBuzz is currently in 8 of the top 30 largest churches in the country including Lakewood Church in Houston, the largest church in the country, pastored by Joel Osteen and Saddleback Church in Lake Forest CA pastored by Rick Warren.

The OnBuzz Interactive Kiosks are a powerful and revolutionary church ministry tool to market cause-driven films and to create social engagement. OnBuzz Interactive Kiosks are truly a disruptive technology that will revolutionize direct-to-church marketing.