OnBuzz Entertainment

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OnBuzz Entertainment Network

OnBuzz Entertainment Network, an interactive, cloud-based platform-agnostic application, is in the works to deliver owned and aggregated lifestyle and entertainment content.

OnBuzz Entertainment Network represents the next generation of digital entertainment distribution networks and on-line stores, bringing families and friends together to one trusted place. It’s a target audience driven multi-faceted platform with best of class technology delivering inspirational entertainment and products.

OnBuzz’s cloud-based operating environment will also allow for infinite scalability, redundancy and mirroring and includes a state-of-the art:

  • Digital Entertainment Distribution Network employing Windows Media DRM to control access to downloaded movies and television programs and more. The OnBuzz platform will be available in both standard definition (480i) and high definition (1080p) viewing and will connect to over 710 consumer electronic devices including computers, Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Smart Pads, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Set-top Boxes and Gaming Devices.
  • E-Commerce Network is built on a state-of-the-art foundation enabling OnBuzz to deliver functionality equal to that of all of the major industry leaders in online shopping.
  • Secure Social Network for the entire family that exceeds the standards of the Child Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA) and gives parents the ability to monitor and participate in their child’s online activities while keeping security and privacy as a top priority.

The OnBuzz Entertainment Network is scheduled to launch in 2016.