OnBuzz Partners with Hillsong to Promote Their Film and Delivers Phenomenal Results

OnBuzz brought together their Interactive Kiosks, Hillsong and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church to stage a remarkable one-week promotion for the feature film, Hillsong - Let Hope Rise. The Hillsong producers and distributor weren’t introduced to OnBuzz until nearly the last minute of their promotion of the film yet decided on this limited engagement.

The promotion ran on OnBuzz’s Interactive Kiosks at Saddleback Church from just 17 - 26 September, starting on a Wednesday and running through the following Friday so it involved just one Sunday service. Yet during this limited period 789 photos were taken that yielded 321 views of the trailer evidencing a 41% response rate. 1,207 photos were shared which led to 1,261 click-throughs to the Hillsong branded landing page. All together the total digital and onsite engagement was 3,396 or 4.3 engagements for each photo taken.

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