OnBuzz is an end-to-end film financing, production, distribution and marketing firm focused on responsible filmmaking



Our mission is to change culture through technology and entertainment. Our goal is to produce and distribute socially-responsible motion pictures that will entertain, educate, inspire, surprise and encourage the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story-telling.
Our films are produced to touch the soul, break new ground, educate, entertain and motivate the fan to take action to make the world a better place.



Alan J. Elias, CEO and Founder

Alan is a sought after visionary specializing in development of systems to acquire and engage customers, increase customer loyalty, drive brand advocacy, and achieve greater ROI. Alan has devoted his life to cause-marketing with the goal of making the world a better place. As CEO of Think360, he built affinity marketing programs, CEO channel partner programs and cutting-edge digital marketing and communication technologies for over 1,000 non-profits and 15 Fortune 100 companies. Alan was also an award-winning executive for the American Red Cross, the world’s largest non-profit. He ran the second largest region in the country where he supervised a team of 23 managers, directors and over 500 staff with a budget of $112 million.

jeff james, CMO

Jeff's focus is creating a customer experience with excellence; Experiences that inspire people to "Believe, Love or Experience" a brand. His background is helping companies operationalize sales and marketing systems to achieve sustainable revenue results amidst short-term market realities. From field sales playbooks to “horizon-based” marketing plans to CRM/ERP integration, he looks for ways to achieve organizational alignment for maximum results. His curiosity is focused on the entire nurture, transaction and loyalty lifecycle with the goal of understanding how each component can add value or detract from a customer's willingness to promote the brand, service, product, or person. 

CHRISTIAN SOSA, VP Production | Acquisitions

Christian is a film producer with a background in finance and production. He has worked with award-winning writers and directors and is managing the content acquisitions for the OnBuzz Film and Entertainment division. He is the producer of Friday's Child and OnBuzz' first feature in a slate of films. 


Rich manages the creation of successful interactive marketing campaigns backed by innovative and sound marketing strategy. Through great design, custom content development, email marketing, social media, display and PPC advertisement, his team is dedicated to creating a marketing presence customized to your goals and industry.

Strategic Advisors

Alan Sacks

(Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC) OnBuzz General Council: Known for representing some of the world’s best-known publishers, producers, directors, distributors, actors, celebrities and models. Mr. Sacks represents individual financiers, writers, directors, actors and producers in both the studio system and independent arena. In addition to authors, photographers, athletes, sports properties, sponsors and brands, he advises on a wide range of financing, distribution, talent, celebrity branding and sports endorsement and sponsorship issues. He has special expertise in entertainment finance, structured financing products, and motion picture distribution, and he applies all of these skills in both traditional media as well as the ever-evolving digital and split-rights arenas. 

Gabriella Ludlow

Gabriella Ludlow is the founder of CinePointe Advisors (formerly known as The BA Department) and has over 20 years of business affairs and project management experience in the entertainment industry. Over the course of her career, she has provided consulting services to individual producers, writers, directors, composers and music supervisors, as well as business affairs and production legal services on more than 150 feature and documentary film projects. Prior to establishing CinePointe Advisors/The BA Department, Gabriella served as Director of Production Services at the full service media and entertainment law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC; and as Contracts Manager at the boutique entertainment law firm of Epstein, Levinsohn, Bodine, Hurwitz & Weinstein, LLP.  


Lance is a leading innovator and researcher in the fields of entertainment and family brands. He currently is the director of global consumer insights at Walmart. He offers a unique combination of 9 years of experience researching the entertainment industry and property evaluation and optimization both as a chief research officer and a long-term member of the alliance for family entertainment. He also brings 12 years of consumer and market knowledge experience from Procter and Gamble in brand development and retail market development roles plus 5 years at ford motor credit.


Nita has over 25 years of experience in the areas of general business management, project management, technology development, and public policy.  She started her career in Washington, DC as an economic and social policy researcher at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) which is a conservative policy think tank that advances ideas rooted in democracy, free market capitalism, entrepreneurship, American global leadership, citizenship, and Western culture and society.  Nita also served as the Marketing Director for the New York based Institute for SocioEconomic Studies which authored a seminal book on the flat tax endorsed by Jack Kemp.  Currently Nita works for Chevron Corporation where she holds multiple management related responsibilities.  Although rooted in the private sector, she’s keenly involved with public policy issues that have a material impact on culture and maintains close ties with Conservative media and political thought leaders. 


Matt is the author of Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family. Matt and his wife Jessica live in Atlanta with their two boys. He speaks at many conferences about how to leverage technology to make a difference. Matt is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has failed gloriously at least four times. He has also had some successful exits. He is currently the VP of Business Development for Circle Media who's main product is Circle with Disney.