The role of this Social Impact Think Tank is to advise the OnBuzz Executive Team on the themes, timing, and the media channels for fostering cultural evolution.  Cultural themes should be cause-based and have a direct public good.  Policy implications will be explored by the Advisors and their expertise will be heavily leveraged to shape the policy positions communicated by OnBuzz and its' entertainment channels.  

The Social Impact Think Tank will be comprised of a cross section of leaders from the business, public policy, public service and media with a known passion for positively affecting cultural change.  

Founding Members


Nita has over 25 years of experience in the areas of general business management, project management, technology development, and public policy.  She started her career in Washington, DC as an economic and social policy researcher at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) which is a conservative policy think tank that advances ideas rooted in democracy, free market capitalism, entrepreneurship, American global leadership, citizenship, and Western culture and society.  Nita also served as the Marketing Director for the New York based Institute for SocioEconomic Studies which authored a seminal book on the flat tax endorsed by Jack Kemp.  Currently Nita works for Chevron Corporation where she holds multiple management related responsibilities.  Although rooted in the private sector, she’s keenly involved with public policy issues that have a material impact on culture and maintains close ties with Conservative media and political thought leaders. 


Matt is the author of Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family. Matt and his wife Jessica live in Atlanta with their two boys. He speaks at many conferences about how to leverage technology to make a difference. Matt is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has failed gloriously at least four times. He has also had some successful exits. He is currently the VP of Business Development for Circle Media who's main product is Circle with Disney